Product Space Fellowship


Our fellowship is a high-growth training program…

Our fellowship is a high-growth training program for those looking to develop their skills in and break into product. In becoming a fellow, you will choose from one of three tracks: product management, product marketing, or product design. You will team up with fellows from the other two domains and together take a product through its entire lifecycle – from research and ideation to development and launch. You will ship a real solution and get real-world experience under your belt. After all, the best way to learn is by doing.

You will also attend weekly instructional and experiential workshops where you can learn from those who have worked in product at the hottest tech companies, both tech giants and hot startups. We will teach you generally about product and specifically for your domain track.

A strong community will support you at Product Space, even when it comes to preparing for product recruiting and interviews. You will have a unique opportunity to learn from and practice with the best. By the end of the program, you will become one of the most competitive applicants to your dream company.



Product management fellows champion the customer throughout the entire product lifecycle. By empathizing with users, they understand which problems are worth solving and define how to measure value. Fellows in the product management track will:

  • Develop a world-class product sense and strengthen their empathetic skills

  • Define solution requirements and align cross-functional teams on strategy and execution

  • Ship a product that solves a real person’s problem and iterate on failures and successes



Product marketing thinks as the user thinks, knows the user and their pains, and meets them where they are with something that gets their attention. If that sounds like you, product marketing is likely right for you. Fellows in the product marketing track will:

  • Craft compelling messaging and positioning

  • Build GTM strategies for new products and new feature

  • Understand different marketing channels such as content and performance



Product design fellows craft beautiful and usable products from a user-centered perspective. It is all about creating digital products and experiences at the intersection of art, problem-solving, technology, and human interaction. Fellows in the product design track will:

  • Build visually-stunning and functional product prototypes

  • Design new products and features based on user-centered research

  • Develop a strong understanding of the design process and have a beautiful portfolio project upon completing the fellowship


Check back soon for more info on fellowship applications!