About Us


Our Mission

Cultivate tomorrow’s product leaders.

Product Space is all about developing top-notch talent, inspiring passion, and creating communities for product.

Our Vision

Our aim is to create a nationwide product family invested in students’ success as future product leaders.

We envision a future in which students have a stake in each others success as future product leaders because success is best achieved when others are supporting you.


Our Values

We uphold these values throughout our organization and encourage each other to strive for these three ideals:

  • We are a family built on empathy. It is easier to achieve success in the areas you care about when you have a meaningful community supporting you. We are invested in each others’ growth and celebrate each others’ success. We are grounded in reality and authentic across conversations, actions, and personalities.

  • Our curiosity is limitless. We genuinely enjoy learning about society and technology. As lifelong learners, we question everything and think deeply about situations. We aim to build an intimate understanding of the context and strive for truth in details. We are self-aware: we understand how cognitive biases and groupthink can shape our opinions and influence our decisions.

  • We aim for meaningful impact. Knowledge about the world and access to resources are privileges we do not take for granted. We understand our responsibility to pay it forward to future generations just as previous ones have done for us. As we are mission driven and comfortable with tough problems, we take bold risks, push boundaries, and challenge the status quo.



Our Story


Founded in 2018…

…we exist to create a nationwide family of students in product. Frustrated at the lack of resources for product at our university, we created our own. Both in their junior years of college, our co-founders recruited a team of leaders across campus in Spring, figured out how to create value for other students in Summer, and launched to the public in Fall. By January 2019, our core team grew to 15 and we took on 12 rockstar fellows who comprised the best talent at UCLA. During Winter, we focused on cultivating our fellows into future product leaders: empathetic to humanity’s problems with a passion to change the world through technology.

Our alumni have gone on to the best tech companies for product: tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, and hot startups such as Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb. As we have found tremendous success at UCLA, we are currently expanding our presence with Product Space chapters at UC Berkeley and UC San Diego. Our vision is to create a nationwide family of students of product. We will not be satisfied until we do so because we genuinely believe that sharing your experiences with those who share your passions is one of the most beautiful things in life.

- Our Co-Founders Ankur Papneja and Sohom Paul